Business Intelligence

XY's AkeBI provides brands and retailers with advanced reporting and forecasting tools so you can gain insight into the heath of your retail operations. Through our fully-integrated retail platform, you have access to KPI reports that encompass all retail channels. 

View out of the box reports or create your own to analyze sales performance, inventory, loss prevention, commissions and more.

Key Benefits

  • End-to-end omnichannel insight
  • Complete Analytics for every department across retail 
  • Critical insight into the performance of your stores, employees, and products.
  • Dig deep into the online shopping activities of your customers and prospects to improve shopping experience.

Measure success any way you want

XY’s powerful reporting enables you to improve customer loyalty, forecast inventory demand, improve staffing levels, and optimize pricing/markdown and promotional strategy. Gain visibility to key performance indicators, predictive analytics and historical data such as min/max levels, trends, season, sales, best-sellers and more.

Business Intelligence  Features

Gain insight into your customers' purchasing behavior, by tracking and analyzing your sales and growth trends. Understand where your traffic originates and what encourages conversion. XY's AkeBI  helps you make informed decisions and grow your business.

  • Merchandise Planning
    Leverage XY’s analytic tools to forecast demand on a Style/SKU (by store) basis to plan for flat and seasonal demand. Planned allocation is supplemented by a strong set of Ad-Hoc allocation modeling tools that forecast demand based on style-level categories and user-defined fields. This ensures you have the right products, in the right place to support sales with lean inventory.
  • Open to Buy
    XY’s fully-integrated Open-To-Buy tool helps manage your complex and dynamic merchandise planning needs. Leverage up to a four-level hierarchy along with store-level planning to plan at retail, cost or units using a top-down or bottom-up method. View OTB availability within the purchase order module during order entry. The OTB tool seamlessly integrates with ANT USA’s best-selling merchandise and assortment planning system, Buyers Toolbox™, and with RMSA planning services.
  • Data Warehouse
    The Data Warehouse in XY Retail applies to all retail selling channels and provides an advanced tool-set for designing and producing custom reports with fast retrieval of analytical data and enables you to review big data.
  • Predictive Analytics
    Analyze historical data within Stratus Retail’s Data Warehousing to predict sales trends and create purchasing forecasts. Recognize trends in your business based on prior sales and purchase orders; use these results to forecast and plan the necessary inventory, sales promotions and staffing needs.
  • Ad-Hoc Reports and Dashboard
    Gain insight into the health of your organization with graphical charts, giving you visibility to the most important data through your dashboard. Great for presentations to show performance, trends and ROI. Easily create ad-hoc reports with Smart Views, an interactive, customizable grid that enables you to instantly filter and sort your live data. Create, customize and save your views.
  • Canned and Custom Reporting
    Control where your inventory is by tracking warehouse locations such as shelves, pallets, picking and packing zones, put areas, loading docks and trucks.
  • Web Analytics
    Leverage a set of graphical, numeric and descriptive reports to track your online performance beyond the typical methods of analysis. Perform detailed analysis by department, brand/style and location (city, state, country); track performance of your fulfillment center by analyzing fulfillment by store, employee and shipping method; and monitor the performance of your E-Commerce website’s site load time and speed. These tools allow you to effectively improve turnaround times, customer retention and overall ROI.
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