Integrated Retail CRM

XY's Esper CRM is directly integrated into XY's Persano POS software so businesses can track and view all customer and sales data from stores, online and third parties - in a single database in real-time.

Leverage this data to anticipate the future needs of your customers, and keep customers coming back to your stores and website by bringing together customer preferences and sending targeted promotions and email campaigns. 

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Key Benefits

  • Single view of your inventory, coupled with a powerful SKU level search, creates a highly personalized customer experience
  • Access in real-time every customer interaction and sales data in one place
  • Increase repeat business through loyalty programs
  • Understand how and why customers shop and automate more targeted, relevant customer engagement and promotions
  • Track sales data from all retail channels, online and offline 

Armed with valuable customer insights, store associates and product specialists use XY’s Esper CRM App to send personalized messages to their key customers and deliver a one-to-one experience that surpasses the expectations of today’s shopper.

The app includes access to customer preferences and order history, follow-up management, call, email and SMS messaging.

CRM Features

XY’s Esper CRM automatically segments your customers by lifecycle stage based on a complete understanding of shopping behavior and interactions, so you can more effectively drive customers toward loyalty.

Imagine building any customer segment instantly, targeting that segment with real-time, personalized email campaigns, then being able to report on it's success - without hassle, in one platform. 

  • Omni-Channel Customer Engagement
    Leverage real-time visibility into your customers’ omni-channel activities to enhance the shopping experience at every step of the customer journey.
  • Assisted Selling

    Empower associates with access to the omnichannel catalog. With XY Retail’s CRM App, store associates can sell more effectively and sell more by leveraging real-time product information, ratings, reviews, engaging product imagery and video, and social media.

    This easy-to-use mobile app includes a sales associate dashboard, omnichannel catalog access, advanced search and inventory information across channels.

  • Loyalty
    Incentivize customers with CRM to drive loyalty and provide additional purchasing options. Retailers can offer multi-level memberships, and the convenience of automatic billing. Loyalty programs/rewards can be used for in-store and online purchases. 
  • Targeted Promotions
    Create and manage promos and coupons for your customers within XY Esper. Using data in the CRM, promotions can be targeted to consumers based on their prior purchases, top customers, customers with a gift card balance to help get them back into your store. Promotions can be created using rules, and can be serialized with random numbers so each one is unique.
  • Boosts Productivity
    Boost productivity by automating marketing communications and customer service and by proactively alerting stores about upcoming marketing events. 
  • Gift cards

    Gift cards and stored-value cards are a strategic way to expand your customer base, remind customers to return and increase your incremental sales. Our unique card offering is integrated into your Persano point of sale. It’s easy to set up, and they can be used just like a credit card for in-store and online purchases.

  • Clienteling

    XY’s Esper CRM is a powerful clienteling and relationship selling system designed to enhance customer engagement and augment the customer experience at every step of the customer journey.

  • Segmentation, Analytics and Attribution

    Know your customer lifecycle by stage, including count and percent of customers, revenue and average order value, and average days to next purchase. And because each segment is dynamic and real-time, you can automate campaigns that respond to each customer in the moment to maximize conversion.

  • Campaign Management 

    XY enables effective promotion management which increases customer retention and satisfaction. The software leverages all CRM and sales data from purchases made in-store and online to target email marketing campaigns and personalize promotions based on your customer’s complete purchase history, buying behavior and demographics.

  • Full Featured and Extendable

    Engaging features such as wish lists, preferences, and a virtual closet, enable you to bank on increased wallet share and improved loyalty.
    Make the solution truly your own by enhancing or adding your own capabilities with apps that can be embedded on the platform’s landing page.

  • Built for Retail

    ​​​This CRM solution was built with the specific needs of brands and retailers in mind, with support for clustering customers around product categories, shopper behaviors, and demographics.

“With the true omni database XY offers, we can now view a customer’s spending habits across the enterprise in one click rather than pulling data from each store separately and spending time putting it together”

Dean Lewis, SVP Sales 

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