Merchandise Management

1:1 marketing at its finest.

The only merchandising system developed from the ground up to include a fully-integrated business intelligence system. XY provides brands and retailers with a world-class platform for omni-channel merchandising and for navigating the rapidly changing retail landscape.

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Key Benefits

  • Faster time to market
  • Open API simplify simplify multi-channel integration with ERP, WMS and other systems
  • Customization and integration with best-of-breed technology from certified partners
  • Consistent shopping experience across channels

XY's integrated marketing automation tool pulls real-time CRM and sales data, from your XY platform, to segment customer email lists and send personalized emails based on automated workflows. The power behind XY's marketing automation is its ability to dynamically segment consumers based on their shopping behavior, past purchases, brand preferences and demographics - from every retail channel they visit, including your physical store(s) and website. That way, your consumers will receive emails that are actually meant for them, increasing the chances they will click and convert into a sale.

Omni-channel merchandising made easy with XY

Omni Merchandising Features

XY provides cloud commerce systems and solutions for many of the world’s leading brands and retailers.  With a highly scalable infrastructure, seamless upgrades and third-party integrations, the XY Retail platform serves as a digital backbone for retailers seeking to manage omni-channel merchandising more successfully and cost-efficiently.

  • Centralized Database
    All of the information generated as a result of transaction processing is immediately fed to the Intelligence data warehouse providing one source of the truth. Retail merchants, operations, and financial personnel can access this central data repository for the critical decision-making information needed to effectively run the business, all in real-time.
  • Inventory Daybook
    The daybook provides precise reporting for merchants and ensures that other business processes such as planning, allocation, and replenishment are accurately supported. Because everything is recorded at the detail level, it is easy to track under stocks, overstocks, and out of stocks and provide accurate margin calculations, including the ability to correct costs, margins, and even cost of goods sold, with one entry.
  • Integrated Sales Audit
    Eliminate the need for manual sales reconciliations by automatically identifying incorrect, missing, duplicate, or suspicious data or transactions and resolve errors prior to exporting the data to third-party financial systems.
  • Exportable Data Sets
    Use your preferred tools to examine data from XY Retail platform, with exportable data sets that work with your ecosystem.
  • Built-In Allocation Engine
    Sophisticated grading, profiling, and forecasting rules determine the optimal quantity of product to ship to each store. Localized size profiles spread quantities across sizes to determine the actual SKU/store allocations.
  • Smarter Replenishment
    Offers comprehensive tools to replenish store inventory from both warehouses and vendors, and to replenish warehouses from vendors. Incorporates statistical techniques for determining safety stock levels based on service level targets.
  • Trade Promotions
    Whether it’s discounts and/or allowances applied to purchase orders, return-to-vendor agreements, rebates based on sales, purchases, or obsolete models on hand, or credit memos in support of markdowns, XY Retail provides the tools to keep retailers competitive.
  • Analytics & Reporting

    Make profitable, data-based decisions—not best-guesses.

    When it comes to selling more online, we know how important it is to see the health of your business as a whole—and then be able to make actionable choices, based on what you know.

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