Inventory Management

Using XY's inventory management tools, brands and retailers can operate more efficiently.

Keep track of inventory levels without the need to continuously enter data manually. Produce up-to-the-minute reports to help allocate merchandise to the stores that need it most. Leverage Planning and Open-To-Buy (OTB) tools to create/maintain forecasted plans, down to the store by assortment group level, and support more common hierarchical category (taxonomy) planning.

Key Benefits

  • Stay organized, avoid costly errors and track all inventory activity
  • Avoid tedious inventory recounts and never again over-order
  • Improve efficiency and productivity by implementing devices such as barcode scanners
  • Remove error-ridden manual processes
  • Get loyal and repeat customers by always having the products they want on hand

Is your spreadsheet system failing you? Are you finding it difficult to identify your best and worst sellers quickly and easily? Do you wind up with way too much or way too little inventory? Are customers placing orders for items that are out of stock

Whatever your inventory management woes may be, XY Retail platform is designed to make your life easier and your customers happier.

Inventory Management Features

Real-Time Inventory Control like no other

With XY's inventory management, you can maintain real-time inventory control throughout all channels and locations. Keep stock replenished with automated reordering, forecast inventory through analytics, and leverage vendors and third-parties to fulfill and drop ship orders.

  • Automated Reordering
    Make your purchasing process more efficient. Generate and send POs automatically to your suppliers based on predefined min/max stock levels to replenish your inventory.
  • Forecast & Mange Products
    Forecast and plan the necessary stock levels, and manage the product life cycle. Based on trends, season, top sellers, promotions and other valuable analytics, you can predict the demand for existing/new products, and determine optimal reorder points and inventory quantities.
  • Mobile Inventory 
    Manage inventory anywhere by utilizing XY’s Persano POS app to scan and look up inventory on-the-go, and perform cycle counts without manual entry. XY enables your staff to perform inventory tasks and other back-office functions on mobile. Whether in trucks, store locations or warehouses, you can scan, count, manage and lookup your inventory. With XY’s mobile and stand-alone applications, you will improve operational efficiency by eliminating the need for manual entry of count sheets, reducing errors and improving customer service.
  • Inventory Fulfillment
    Increase efficiency and reduce inventory overhead. Allow vendors to drop ship directly from their warehouse to your customer. Integrate with 3rd parties such as Amazon to outsource fulfillment; from inventory storage through order and delivery.
  • Store Supply Warehouse
    Know where to ship from. By managing each store as its own warehouse, you can automatically fulfill orders based on preset logic such as product quantity on hand, available staffing, and sell-through by location.
  • Category Management
    XY Retail platform makes it easy to manage the departments and categories of your merchandise. Having the right taxonomy for your products allows you to view category performance and trends in real-time, down to the item level, offering invaluable and actionable data.
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