Order Management

Efficiently and seamlessly manage orders across channels

Deliver great customer experiences with a full-featured order management system that enables you to fulfill orders quickly, efficiently and in the ways your customers want.

Let XY give you a competitive advantage by differentiating your business, managing expectations  and creating loyalty with excellence in order fulfillment.

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Key Benefits

Enable the Endless Aisle with Unified Order Management

Increase revenue and customer lifetime value with cross-channel inventory and order management, flexible order fulfillment options and auto-ship programs.

Boost profitability by managing inventory and orders more effectively with global inventory visibility and configurable, automated distributed order management processes.

Reduce costs to integrate, maintain and change your order management processes with an end-to-end SaaS solution. 

In today's digital environment, order fulfillment excellence differentiates your business, creating loyal customers who buy more and become brand advocates. XY's Order Management gives you the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations for omnichannel fulfillment while boosting profitability and enabling you to effectively scale your business. XY Order Management comes pre-integrated with your commerce system with order management and financials. Your brand can now deliver the ultimate omnichannel customer experience - allowing shoppers to buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere.

Omni-channel merchandising made easy with XY

Built-In Order Fullfillment Allocation and Orchestration

Gain a single view of inventory across your entire organization and optimize stock, sourcing and allocation rules. XY's orchestration capabilities enable streamlined orders, fulfillment and inventory allocation along with returns management, partial shipments, e-mail notifications, and all with configurable rules and workflows.

Smarter Replenishment

Offers comprehensive tools to replenish store inventory from both warehouses and vendors, and to replenish warehouses from vendors. Incorporates statistical techniques for determining safety stock levels based on service level targets.

Inventory ATP

Rules-based and source-dependent inventory visibility ensures stock availability for each order, taking into account future receipts, holdbacks for prior commitments, 4-wall inventory, sales channel and store availabilty.

Integrated Returns

Streamline the returns process with an integrated returns management that supports automated confirmation, shipping label creation, and much more.

Pre-Built Omnichannel Integration

XY's integrated Order Management delivers a single management portal for orders from B2B and D2C websites, brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers, and other order points. Show stock availability across all channels in real time so your customers won't be disappointed.

Built-In Reporting and Analytics

Actionable analytics about the metrics that really matter to order routing and fulfillment. For example, did routing decisions reduce the cost and speed of delivery, to enable you to continually refine shipping processes.

Omni Order Management  Features

Deliver great customer experiences with a full-featured order management system that enables you to fulfill orders quickly, efficiently and in the ways your customers want. In addition to order control, routing and fulfillment functions, XY's integrated Order Management provides a full suite of customer service, logistics and inventory control capabilities,  enabling brands to break down silos for efficient ordering, fulfillment, returns, and exchanges via any channel.

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