The rise of new technologies, changing consumer preferences, and a faster pace of innovation demand digital-first, software-focused enterprises. Transform your automotive network through strategic digital disruption with XY Retail. From understanding your customer better to supplier automation, increase productivity, improve operational agility, and optimize critical business processes.

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Key Benefits

  • Build powerful applications tailored to your needs 10x Faster
  • Raise awareness for branches and lines of business by building and managing multiple sites, geared for hyper-local, targeted campaigns
  • Transform your automotive business to compete in the global market
  • Deepen your relationship with both suppliers and customers
  • Arm relationship managers and executives with easy-to-use mobile applications

Features for Automotive

Transform your automotive business to compete in the global market

Use real-time information to operate with less risk and more reward to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced automotive industry. Understand your customers better, manufacture more efficiently, and deliver quality products on-time and within budget.

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  • Engage customers
    Grow and individualize B2B and B2C customer engagement and market share using real-time contextual marketing, sales, billing, and aftermarket solutions. Gain a 360-degree insight into customers and vehicles to provide a first-class buying and ownership experience. Monetize digital services such as smart mobility, transportation, and subscriptions.
  • Omnichannel commerce and billing solutions
    Use our innovative commerce and billing solutions to transform omnichannel commerce and serve empowered customers. Engage and transact with your customers during their buying journey using our omnichannel commerce solution and e-commerce platform. Deploy new revenue models and grow profits using our innovative billing solution.
  • Digital asset management processes
    Tap into a central repository for metadata handling, advanced search, versioning, and flexible workflows.

    Streamline usage tracking by uniting digital assets with marketing processes.

    Improve management processes by reducing duplicates and supporting brand compliance, asset rights obligations, and efficient distribution of approved assets.
  • Empower sales with mobile
    Automate a mobile sales force to deliver exceptional customer experiences and sell more from anywhere. Empower your sales force to engage with customers throughout the buying journey in more meaningful ways. XY offers an automated mobile, cloud-based Retail CRM sales solution to drive revenue growth and give your sales team insights needed to accelerate productivity and sales performance and make quick, informed business decisions in the moment.
  • Deliver contextually relevant experiences across channels
    Leverage real-time context to market in the moment. With marketing cloud solutions from XY Retail, you can consolidate customer information into one view to gain insights into customer interests and motivations. Deliver individualized customer experiences that matter, and react quickly to optimize marketing based on the dynamic market conditions.
  • Data Management for Omnichannel Commerce
    Manage and deliver rich product data to engage with your e-commerce customers consistently over multiple channels and touchpoints using commerce solutions from XY Retail. Reduce cost and simplify product data and content management processes. You can use real-time user behavior data to tailor their experience and turn browsers into loyal customers.
  • Advanced search and sort functionality
    Help shoppers easily find products with powerful search capabilities, including custom filters and sorting, on-the-fly landing pages and integrated promotional messaging. Site graphics, merchandise and landing pages all respond to shopping segments, personalizing and optimizing experiences.
  • Localization and Internationalization

    Expand into new segments, markets, and geographies by providing localized content on one platform. Grow your business by supporting multiple sites, multiple languages, currencies, payment methods, and product variations.

    Deploy new sites quickly using existing catalogs, content, and infrastructure.

    Meet the unique needs of geographic markets with their own localized catalogs, pricing, content, and branding.