Furniture & Home Goods

Whether selling furniture or home goods, XY’s retail platform allows you to manage your entire retail operations efficiently. XY provides furniture brands and retailers with the functionality needed to streamline their point of sale, special orders, inventory and more.

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Key Benefits

  • Easily manage all styles, track inventory and fulfill orders
  • Gain significant supply chain excellence with global inventory management ( furniture packages & sets )
  • A product catalog system designed for Furniture
  • Deepen your relationship with suppliers and customers
  • Arm sales managers and executives with easy-to-use mobile applications

Features for Furniture and Homegoods

Furniture & home goods brands and retailers offer a large variety of custom styles, colors and finishes for each product. As a result, many stores do not stock large amounts of inventory. The business requires a solution that can easily manage all styles, track inventory and fulfill orders.

Get the best industry-tested ecommerce features that engage and convert furniture shoppers – advanced product search and promotional capabilities, personalized product recommendations, advanced segmentation, easy product configuration and the marketing, merchandising and analytics tools to make it all work.

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  • Inventory Management
    Eliminate inventory silos between channels and achieve the perfect product assortment. Avoid stock-outs, free up cash flow and deliver on promises with a unified instance of inventory data across all channels.
  • A Product Catalog System Designed for Furniture
    Easily manage your pricing and inventory systems with a catalog management system built for furniture complexities like collection groupings, marketing packages, natural packages, alternate configurations, alternate colorways and special order customization.
  • Marketing Campaigns
    Track campaign performance, manage sales incentive compensation and gain a real-time view of customer interactions across all channels of the business.
  • Ecommerce
    Scale operations and support your global wholesale, retail and multi-brand business from a single commerce platform.
  • Content Management
    Ensure site accuracy by creating and previewing promotional events and landing pages before they go live. 
  • Product Recommendations
    Ensure site accuracy by creating and previewing promotional events and landing pages before they go live. 
  • Order Management
    Accelerate the order-to-cash process, decrease inventory holding costs and enable omnichannel operations by tying sales, finance and order fulfillment to pricing, sales order management and returns management.
  • Point of Sale
    Arm your sales associates with a 360-degree omnichannel view of inventory and customer information to engage customers more effectively, drive more sales, fulfill orders and provide an outstanding shopping experience.
  • CRM and Clienteling
    Give your product specialists access to customer information and order history, follow-up management, email and SMS messaging. Armed with valuable customer insights, store associates are using XY’s Esper CRM App to send personalized messages to their key customers and deliver a one-to-one experience that surpasses the expectations of today’s shopper.
  • Advanced search and sort functionality
    Help shoppers easily find products with powerful search capabilities, including custom filters and sorting, on-the-fly landing pages and integrated promotional messaging. Site graphics, merchandise and landing pages all respond to shopping segments, personalizing and optimizing experiences.