Unlock the potential of omnichannel, now with With XY and AWS

AWS Partner Network

XY is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. Achieving a competency within the AWS Partner Network (APN) differentiates XY as a member that provides specialized demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success. As an APN Partner, XY is recognized for offering a best-in-class solution that gives businesses access to the tools they need to facilitate the entire customer journey, all on an integrated platform that reduces friction and boosts productivity.

Platform for Growth

Effortlessly scale and manage your entire global business with XY and AWS. Get all of the tools in one place to grow your multi-location retail POS, wholesale, eCommerce, CRM, Marketing, Management and Business Intelligence solutions. Manage all your sales channels, inventory and customer info in one place for a true omni-channel experience.
Customers love having the agility of AWS with the end-to-end visibility of XY. We are proud to select AWS as our preferred cloud provider to run our retail platform and look forward to expanding our use of their incredible services to benefit exceptional brands.
Susan Jeffers
CEO and Co-Founder
XY Retail

AWS Agility + XY Visibility = Cloud Success

XY Cloud provides brands and retailers with high-availability architecture, elastic scale, and global deployment options while maintaining the flexibility needed to create unique business workflows and customer shopping experiences.
  • Integrated Omni Platform built for Business users
  • Real-time 360-degree view of Channels, Products, Inventory, and Customer Data
  • Instant access to all your performance metrics at the variant level

Bespoke: Tailor-made to the goals of retailers and brands

XY provides a comprehensive suite of over 2000 microservice endpoints, while AWS provides the organic ability to focus on scale and support short-term tactical decisions as well as your long-term strategy. Amazon Dynamo is a powerful, infinitely scalable NoSQL database that supports data models and workflows each retailer and brand can customize for their needs. It provides a scalable data space with the ability to increase and decrease capacity per need - the bedrock of success in retail. Seamlessly turn on the necessary capacity for events like Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day, private sales or when a new collection drops. Amazon Dynamo makes it easy with its simplicity and extreme focus on scale.

Scaling your business securely has never been easier, faster and more economical

Scale is challenging, particularly when limited by physical infrastructure. A small but important development decision could render significant previous investments in hardware moot. We built on AWS to use independently scalable elements you can flex with market demand - without IT or programmers’ involvement. XY uses a combination of Amazon ELB, Amazon Cloudfront, Amazon Route 53, Amazon Lambda, Amazon SQS to create an architecture for retail that gives a nonstop, 24x7, elastic platform for retailers and brands to innovate rapidly with their digital initiatives - the way it’s supposed to be.

Benefits of AWS + XY

No matter what business you’re in, and no matter what stage your business is in, XY and AWS can help you innovate new offerings, expand your capacity, extend your customer base, and grow quickly. 
  • Reduce shipping costs due to warehouse inefficiencies.
  • Locate inventory in multiple places and ship from multiple locations, in real-time
  • Market to customers based on accurate and real-time customer info and sales history
  • Automate your sales, marketing and fulfillment process
  • Provide an omni-brand experience that includes the ability to participate in BOPIS