Custom Development

XY provides a fully-featured retail management system (RMS). While some of our clients use XY Retail platform and apps “out of box”, many require customization to support their specific business model and vertical. As a technology-driven company, we are committed to delivering innovative retail solutions with the flexibility to meet the unique requirements of each client with nearly unlimited scalability for future business growth.

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Key Benefits

  • Integrations with 3rd party software (i.e., accounting, vendor catalogs, EDI)
  • Reports and dashboards  for big data analytics
  • Unique processing rules (for order fulfillment, inventory reordering)
  • Manage and optimize your most complex processes, end-to-end, without limitations.
  • Build web and mobile apps 10X faster. Run them on the industry’s most scalable and  reliable cloud.

In the era of Digital Change, you have a choice:

Be disrupted…or be the disruptor.

More than 50% of our clients have custom work, and more than 80% of our staff are in a technical role to support our clients. Each client is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager. They will define any needed customization based on how you plan to use XY Retail and your unique requirements. They will also consider your industry, current customization (if switching from another software), level of complexity, what’s worked for other clients, deadlines and budget. With a flexible platform and an experienced staff, customizations are virtually endless.

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“XY saved by company time by connecting the world to my store with integrated shipping. We finally have the ability to choose the shipping strategy that’s best for our business in a few clicks.”

Steve Cooper, President, US