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The Biggest Global Brands
Trust XYs Unified Commerce Platform

The Biggest Global Brands Trust XYs Unified Commerce Platform

Join some of the fastest-growing brands in over 50 countries across the globe who rely on XY to grow their business.


With the true Omni-database XY offers,

we can now view our customers' spending habits across the enterprise in one click rather than pulling data from each store separately and spending time putting together."

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Todd Sydner

The centralized view of our data across our business,

allows us to merge silos, refocus resources and give our customers a premium and effortless customer experience on all channels."

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XY has enabled us to establish a strong foundation

for international growth in some cases from nothing, in a relatively short time"

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With XY Retail, we discovered more than just a technology provider

we found a collaborator keenly attuned to Fender's commitment to innovation and artistry."

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Brands Winning with XY Retail

Brands Winning with
XY Retail

Move fast. Launch even faster.

Learn in 15 minutes how we can help your brand deliver end-to-end omnichannel customer experiences with simplicity and ease.