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Customer experience is your brand. Your success with customers in the on-demand economy requires digital enterprise-grade technology. Ours.

Fast Development

XY makes it easy to build powerful enterprise applications - fast.

XY combines the speed of low-code development with the power of industry-leading process management and much more. It’s the secret weapon that puts your digital transformation on the fast track. Getting started is easy.

Step 1

Quickly build unified views of business information from across existing systems.

Step 2

Create optimized processes that manage and interact with your data.

Step 3

Deploy your new enterprise-grade app everywhere—with a click.

Powerful Architecture

Powerful microservice architecture connects every app you build.

Every XY app takes advantage of a shared microservice architecture, eliminating the need to rebuild core functionality on an app-by-app basis. The result? A unique, connected business user experience across applications, providing a unified, cross-functional view of the business…and any part of it.

  • Data & Analytics
    Consolidate multiple system views into rich, dynamic dashboards and interactive reports…available in any app you build, or across them all.
  • Collaboration
    Gain business context typically trapped in the minds of your employees. Appian’s unique, inclusive collaboration links business events with workforce insights.
  • Document Management
    Take advantage of integrated document and content management to store, secure, version, search, and manage content across your business.
  • Business Rules
    Define critical policies and processes, then automate, enforce, and audit them for sustainable,  repeatable success.

Non-existent silos

At the heart of XY is a unique, foundational data layer called Spaces. XY Spaces converges business information – typically trapped across legacy systems and individual apps – into a single, drillable summary. It’s a new, actionable single-version-of-the-truth for any business topic. Free your business from the shackles of information silos…with XY Spaces.

  • Get Current, Complete Context
    Converge business information from across systems for instant access to the real, up-to-date picture.
  • No Data Migration
    Virtualized approach eliminates the need for costly system consolidation projects.
  • Take Immediate Action
    Collaborate, launch processes or cases, and make fully-informed decisions, directly from each business topic.
Fast Deployment

Immediate changes. Instant deployment. Zero app management overhead.

Make changes on-the-fly and implement them in production with literally no downtime. Free your apps from the need to be individually monitored and managed. XY makes sure they’re running smoothly, automatically.

Always On. Always agile. Always precise.

An end-to-end solution, from the database through the application layer. We power the complete digital customer lifecycle.

Vertically integrated to support seamless on-demand interaction across all channels. Customer satisfaction. On-demand.

Features of XY Omnichannel Platform

With XY’s omnichannel platform, brands and retailers can:

  • Manage omnichannel operations 
    XY AkeBI Cloud provides tools to manage inventory across multiple locations, stores, distribution centers and even inventory in transit. With this omnichannel platform, brands and retailers can more easily deliver on the "buy anywhere, service anywhere, and fulfill anywhere" promise.
  • Manage multiple brands, stores and sites
    XY AkeBI Cloud provides a common infrastructure across all brands, sites, categories, online catalogs and consumer experiences. With XY, brands and retailers can ensure consistent integration and business processes as new sites and stores are rolled out.
  • Seamless, Personalized and Unified shopping experience

    Your brand can now use predictive intelligence to see the full picture of a shopper’s journey, including online and offline customer and product data, promotions and content, in order to personalize the shopping experience and increase loyalty.

  • Digitize the store
    XY’s omni-channel platform offers digital interfaces that enable sales associates and product specialists to help customers find inventory across channels, that isn’t on the shelf, make purchases and ship merchandise from anywhere to any place.
  • Grow and expand with ease
    XY’s omnichannel platform enables brands and retailers to use a single global template to manage sites for different cultures, customs, currencies and languages.

Enterprise grade, on the cloud

Unified Governance
Real Time

A beautiful user experience everytime

A consistent user experience across all your apps speeds development, improves maintainability, and minimizes end-user training. For a more custom look-and-feel, XY's Editor features gives you ultimate UX flexibility.