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Revolutionize Your Retail Infrastructure

Welcome to the XY Retail Platform - your gateway to a transformative retail experience. Designed for forward thinking IT organizations, XY Retail platform combines cutting-edge technology with a focus on simplifying data architectures and harnessing the potential of data and AI/ML. This cloud-native solution empowers retailers to revolutionize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive revenue growth.

Improved Personalized Shopping Experiences

XY Retail Data Cloud seamlessly integrates unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data to create comprehensive customer 360 views. Elevate your sales strategies, delivering personalized experiences that resonate, drive engagement, and maximize ROI.

Smart Decision-Making With Optimized Pricing Decisions

Build, train, and deploy AI/ML models with XY Retail Data Cloud to guide pricing decisions. From personalized service offers to strategic promotional campaigns, ensure every decision enhances revenue and fosters long-term customer relationships.

Elevate Customer Experiences by Harnessing the Power of Product Telemetry Data

XY Retail Data Cloud empowers you to enhance customer experiences by leveraging product telemetry data. Gain valuable insights to better understand customer interactions, design superior products, and deliver exceptional value that resonates with your audience.

Precision in Forecasting with Informed Inventory Planning

XY Retail Data Cloud aggregates customer insights, supply chain data, and inventory information. The result? More accurate forecasts and improved planning decisions, ensuring products are stocked when and where customers demand them.

Monetize Your Customer Data with Maximized Retail Media Revenue

Securely monetize your rich first-party customer data with XY Retail Data Cloud. Transform your data into a valuable revenue stream, maximizing the potential of your retail media assets.

Real-Time Optimization and Enhanced Store Planning

Empower store owners with real-time reporting through XY Retail Data Cloud. Optimize staffing, personalize touchpoints with customers, and improve overall customer loyalty. Elevate your store planning to new heights with insights that matter.

Key Technical Advancements

Microservices Architecture

XY Platform is built on a robust microservices architecture, ensuring agility, scalability, and modular flexibility. Each microservice is tailored to handle specific functions, enabling efficient development, deployment, and maintenance.

Graph Query Language and REST APIs

Utilize the XY Graph and REST APIs to traverse and query data effortlessly. Empower your development teams to create custom applications and integrations that enhance every facet of retail operations, from shipping to product management.

Data and AI/ML Capabilities

XY Platform simplifies data architectures, unlocking the potential of data and AI/ML. Personalized shopping experiences, optimize pricing strategies, and monetize data. This is the cornerstone powering all XY applications, providing users with tools to configure their stores effortlessly.

Headless Commerce and Cloud Integration

XY Platform embraces headless commerce, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization. Seamlessly integrate with the cloud, ensuring scalability, security, and accessibility from anywhere in the world.

XY Flow: No Code Integration (BETA)

Stay ahead with XY Flow, our upcoming release introducing no-code integration capabilities. Empower your teams to build integrations without extensive coding, accelerating development cycles and reducing reliance on technical resources.


Agility and Scalability

Achieve unparalleled agility and scalability with a cloud-native architecture designed for rapid innovation and growth.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Leverage powerful data and AI/ML capabilities to make informed decisions that drive revenue, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences.

Global Accessibility and Security

Ensure your retail infrastructure is accessible globally, while maintaining top-tier security standards. XY Platform is your gateway to a secure and globally connected retail ecosystem.

Our Product Suite

Create Exceptional retail encounters, anytime, anywhere with powerful tools for retail success

Operating in 35 countries and growing, the XY Retail Omnichannel Platform stands alone as the exclusive retail solution featuring POS, OMS, Clienteling, Lens, Connect, MoBI, and Spaces - all seamlessly delivered as-a-service.



Discover the magic behind all our Applications, XY SPACES

Where data management and configurations become a breeze. Effortlessly handle all your retail data and streamline operations with our cloud-based platform. XY SPACES is crafted for simplicity, offering easy and efficient configurations in a centralized space for all your business needs.

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Beyond Fashion

XY Retail extends its capabilities to customers like Fender Music Corporation, incorporating features such as serial number tracking. We transcend fashion to offer solutions for diverse industries.

Join XY Retail - Where Innovation Meets Commerce Excellence XY Retail Data Cloud is not just a solution; it's a catalyst for retail innovation. Join us in redefining the retail landscape.