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Supporting today's retailers, with a vision for tomorrow

We have unparalleled experience working with leading brands to develop and deliver their omnichannel strategies. Our comprehensive, collaborative approach helps you structure your strategy and execution around all of the complexities of omnichannel.


Omnichannel retail expertise

E-commerce is big, but the most valuable customers for brands and retailers typically browse, buy and expect services both online and offline. XY empowers your brand to seamlessly integrate physical and digital worlds to deliver outstanding and often previously unimaginable customer experiences that lead to profitable growth.

Data driven decisions

Get shopper, transactional, and category trend data for predictive insights that improve transactional volume and customer profitability, minimize supply chain costs, and optimize store operations.

Boost sales through personalization

Leverage AI/machine learning to create an anticipatory approach to shopper needs and preferences that transforms their omnichannel experiences. XY helps users forecast and personalize services in real time using insights from multiple data sets.

Global stock visibility

XY inventory optimization provides real-time global visibility across all inventory, locations and uses AI to optimize inventory, improve service levels and maximize on time in full (OTIF) performance.

Omnichannel order fulfillment

Always have the customer's size in stock by selling inventory from any location. Route orders efficiently to reduce fulfillment time and cost while improving customer satisfaction.

Execution time

The easiest and fastest way to build retail applications in the cloud

Gone are the days of long deployments and implementations, application monitoring, security patches and version worries. XY is built to make commerce simpler, more reliable, and to keep you ahead of every shift in consumer behavior. The sky is truly the limit, with no technical limitations. If you want to do something, all we have to do is plug and play.


Months of deployment

It took seven months for production deployment.


Stores and Ecommerce

Operates in twenty five stores across US, Italy, UK, Switzerland, and Canada and seven website regions supporting multiple currencies.


Years of historical data

Ten years of historical data normalized and centralized to the cloud based XY POS and ERP


Months of deployment

Three months to centralize data from Stores, ERP, Ecommerce and Warehouse and manage omnichannel orders, returns and exchanges.


Boost in revenue post pandemic due to omnichannel capabilities

Three physical stores, one ecommerce website and one 3PL warehouse location in the US.


Years of historical data

Aggregated, normalized and centralized six years of sales, customer, inventory, and item data.


Months of deployment

It took two months to deploy XY Platform across the Ecommerce, and back-office and pop-up shops.


Countries being served globally

3 months to deploy 5 website regions and multi-currencies.


Years of Historical Data

Aggregated, normalized and centralized fours years of sales, customer, inventory, and item data.

World Class Service/Integration

Enable omnichannel applications in the cloud and create secure connected experiences

Create modern integrated data applications and run them on XY to best serve your customers, employees, or business partners. Develop new revenue streams and channels based on data to help drive your business forward. Democratize data analytics across your business so users at all levels and with varying expertise can make data-driven decisions.

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