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Step Into The Future With XY's Unified Commerce Platform

Seamlessly blending POS, OMS, and Clienteling for a transformative retail experience

Today's omnichannel customer demands instant service, heightened transparency, and precision in the execution of product delivery. XY's unified data platform, built for scaling global brands, provides excellent customer experiences with a full view of your products and product availability and an intuitive order management system that enables you to fulfill orders quickly, efficiently, and in the ways your customers want.


Operational Excellence Unleashed: Integrated OMS, POS, and Clienteling

XY's integrated OMS, POS, and Clienteling transforms retail operations with out-of-the-box efficiency. This seamless connection ensures real-time inventory accuracy, preventing overstock or stockouts, while sales associates leverage OMS insights for personalized service. Harmonizing order management, POS transactions, and client preferences optimizes fulfillment, inventory, and in-store experiences, elevating retail to unparalleled efficiency and interconnected excellence.

Efficient Search

Streamline access to client profiles through efficient search features, enabling quick and easy retrieval of essential information.

Smart Recommendations

Drive tailored choices with intelligent suggestions, guiding clients towards options that suit their preferences.

Targeted Lists Management

Create and manage both static and dynamic lists, empowering targeted sales initiatives for enhanced engagement and conversion.

Ensuring Real-Time Global Inventory Insight is Paramount for OMS Success.

Efficient order management drives all successful retail operations. XY OMS streamlines the entire process, ensuring prompt, precise, and on-time delivery.

  • Prevent Stockouts and Overstocks
    Avoid stockouts by quickly identifying low inventory levels and replenishing stock on time. Similarly, Prevent overstocks by monitoring inventory levels and adjusting orders accordingly.
  • Efficient Pick and Pack
    Tailor your pick and pack strategies to align with your store's unique footprint, reducing the need for extensive printing and optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Optimize Store Capacity
    Fine-tune order distribution to proactively prevent bottlenecks, ensuring a seamless shopping experience and heightened customer satisfaction.
  • Endless Aisle
    Discover an expasnded digital marketplace with XY OMS, enhancing your in-store experience. Unlock a personalized journey with access to a diverse range of products, colors, and sizes beyond the store right at your fingertips.

Efficient store fulfillment is essential for customer satisfaction.

Elevate Fill Rates

Achieve inventory synchronization in near real-time, substantially enhancing on-time delivery rates.

Reduce Delivery Costs

Employ advanced fulfillment logic within XY OMS to fine-tune operations and minimize transportation expenses, ensuring a cost-effective and streamlined delivery process.

Optimize Fulfillment

Harness advanced sourcing logic, ensuring a continuous and adaptive approach to optimizing your fulfillment processes.


  • Critical Insight for Exceptional Customer Service
    Timely knowledge of product availability is indispensable in providing outstanding customer service.
  • Unified Commerce Excellence
    Experience seamless order management through a sophisticated system, ensuring prompt and accurate delivery for an unparalleled customer experience.
  • Increase End-to-End Efficiency
    Transform your operations by optimizing the entire fulfillment process through state-of-the-art technology, setting new standards for efficiency and precision.
  • Holistic Inventory Management
    Enhance your inventory management capabilities by gaining real-time data visibility, providing a comprehensive and unified view for more informed decision-making.
  • Shipping Simplification
    Choose optional integration with our shipping partners to simplify access to multiple carriers, address verification, shipping insurance and more.

Our OMS is equipped with unmatched capabilities to enhance your retail operations.

Simplification of Omnichannel Order Management

Real-time Data Visibility

Endless Aisle

Flexible and Convenient Fulfillment Options for Online Shoppers

Better Inventory Visibility with Network Aggregation

Powerful Analytics for Predictive Insights

360-Degree Customer Views

Order Flexibility with Seamless Integration

XY Platform

Create Exceptional Omnichannel Experiences

The platform allows you to manage point of sale activities, customers, product catalogs, inventory, sales, integrated e-commerce, mobile applications, digital marketing, data management and more through one flexible retail system.

Deliver Personalized, Unified Customer Experiences

Deliver the mobile-enabled omni-channel shopping experiences customers expect, with 360-degree inventory visibility, customer intelligence, and seamless transactions.

Achieve a Unified Retail Ecosystem

Bring together data from all your sources and enable merchandisers, stylists, and executives to access on-demand insights and make data-driven decisions.

Unlock the Potential of Seamless Omnichannel Integration

Our API-connected retail infrastructure can drive your entire end-to-end process, from first customer contact to delivering products to your customer's door and beyond.

Streamline nearly every facet of order management with XY OMS.

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