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Navigate and Query your data with Graph API

One of the keys to modern retail architecture is the ability to create experiences across digital, stores, AR/VR, chat, IoT devices. All these experiences need 360 degree access to the current context including product, customer, order , inventory data. REST is not flexible enough to satisfy these demands.

With XY API, developers can access pre packaged graph queries and actions, customize them or build your own. No dead ends.

Re-imagine Retail with XY Connect

The graph based omni channel retail platform

Our API-connected retail infrastructure can drive your entire end-to-end process. From first customer contact to delivering products to your customer's door and beyond. XY empowers third-party developers to extend the XY platform, meet unique brand needs, and build their development business.

XY Query

A graph query endpoint to access any node, set of all or filtered nodes with a simple interface or language. Traverse relationships like {{customer/sales}} and develop new experiences fast.

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XY Action

An endpoint to access all relevant actions based on current context. Actions can be either atomic or composed (workflow). All nodes available in the graph are correlated to relevant actions.

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XY Analytics

Easily access simple to complex KPI's, summaries, pivots with a simple API. Extend and build your own KPI's and summaries and pivots.

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XY Connect

Ask any question get to the answer

Connect your systems and access through a common API to build iOS apps, web apps rapidlly and let the platform handle the data and actions with scale, reliability and availability.

XY connect

Optimization through automation

Every brand has to think of their business as a portfolio management problem. Leverage your customer data asset along with stock and sales to optimize cost allocation across multiple sales channels. Its no longer about stores or ecommerce.

XY normalizes and virtualizes all channels to provide automated pricing controls and visiblity across these channels to drive optimization.

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