XY Retail

A single data ecosystem to integrate,
manage, secure, and analyze all of your
retail data.



Start with data from all your retailer portals and merchant spreadsheets

The x/y Connect platform, is enabling the digital transformation of the retail value chain. It connects trading partners in a single data ecosystem, and provides integrated analytical tooling for each to run their operations.
Leading brands and retailers are using CONNECT to get the most value from their data—they're experiencing fewer delays, operating at lower costs, and improving the assortment and inventory planning experience.


x/y CONNECT integrates and transforms data, regardless of type or volume, into a single, coherent data asset.
As data flows into the platform, it is enriched and mapped into meaningfully defined objects — people, places, things, and events — and the relationships that connect them.


Once the data model has been created, source data flows into x/y CONNECT on an ongoing basis. Security rules are applied along the way, so only authorized users can access data.
Data from source systems flows to the platform alongside content users add, whether by entering it manually, uploading a spreadsheet, or linking objects. As users engage with data, x/y CONNECT tracks, attributes, and logs all of their actions.


x/y CONNECT brings data, people, and intelligence together to empower one another. As users collaborate and build off one another's work, they create and grow a body of shared intelligence for their organization.
In x/y Retail’s integrated Applications and Modules, users can search all data sources at once, and share insights with their colleagues. This ecosystem of data and capabilities augments the capability of the entire organization.

Platform Features

x/y CONNECT is a comprehensive solution for complete and accurate product information across all channels. CONNECT gathers, integrates, and validates the data coming in from multiple formats and communication and sales channels. A broad range of consistent selling metrics at the lowest granularity are assembled from differing reports to be used in a high-performance database or a business reporting and analysis application.


x/y’s SPACES table form a unified layer across the platform to manage data in massive-scale data, making it accessible for all users, not just specialized analysts.
Typically, massive-scale data is pushed to a data silo and handled by a small team, which creates bottlenecks. Further, the data is noisy: searches are slow, and analysis is a challenge. With x/y SPACES table, any user can run performant searches against massive-scale data within the x/y Retail ecosystem, and filter, sort and compare multiple data sets in sophisticated ways to gain insights. If required, users can export data to Spreadsheets to continue analysis. The result is an ecosystem that unites high-scale data with analytical power, so that every discovery contributes back to the broader x/y ecosystem.


With all the data unified in the x/y ecosytem is now becomes efficient, easy and fast to derive meaning from data with x/y CONNECT. Its machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities leverage the customer's integrated data ecosystem in x/y SPACES to discard noise, and surface the insights that matter.
Connect hard-to-find dots and alert users to potential connections across their internal and external data systems. These connections are backed by machine learning algorithms, dynamic item scoring, and human intelligence, as x/y CONNECT calibrates based on user actions to create an ecosystem that maximizes the potential of both humans and data. By augmenting search and discovery with CONNECT’s machine learning, users spend less time sifting through data and more time generating intelligence and insights.


Share analysis, write reports, and discover intelligence in real time.
Vital retail information often lands in static documents that are shared via email, spreadsheets or web portals. These documents multiply into conflicting versions, are difficult to retrieve, and become divorced from the data itself. x/y CONNECT captures this analysis and context so that intelligence goes from tacit to explicit.
Users can collaborate in real time across teams and organizations to create live and dynamic intelligence products within the x/y CONNECT ecosystem. These data-backed products inherit x/y SPACES’s robust security model, and are searchable and sharable across the platform. Build organizational knowledge across time, extending CONNECT as a single place for users to capture, contextualize, and share data-driven insights.


Modules are additional capabilities in the x/y CONNECT ecosystem that unlock new data management capabiliteis, workflows and insights. Users can derive meaning from one application to the next for a frictionless analytic experience.

Merchandise Financial Planning

Plan multiple brands, channels, and currencies – all in a single unified view with the ability to filter, sort to get real-time SKU penetration down to the door and Sales Associate level. Set sales, margin and inventory targets while allowing merchandising teams plan without having to get caught up in the lower-level details of the product hierarchy.
Additionally, the x/y CONNECT manages an organization’s traditional open-to-buy and offers the flexibility to choose your own planning calendar to manage strategic plan targets across any calendar period within the time dimension. x/y CONNECT allows users to make changes to merchandise financial plans at the highest and lowest levels within the defined product hierarchy.

Assortment Planning

x/y CONNECT will guides your team through the process of creating localized assortments based on financial objectives. Use CONNECT’s clustering, profiling, and other machine learning techniques to build out assortment plans automatically.
The result is a single picture of the assortment plan for new, ongoing, and leftover products to maximize profitability and flow-through by pptimizing product assortments.


Sophisticated grading, profiling, and min/max rules determine the optimal quantity of product to ship to each store. Localized size profiles spread quantities across sizes to determine the actual SKU/store allocations.
The integrated warehouse management module enables efficient merchandise flow. Intelligent order fulfillment features enable you to maximize efficiency, control costs, while still delighting your customers with the goods they want, when and where they want them.


Allow x/y CONNECT to take the guesswork out of allocating products to the right locations. x/y CONNECT uses allocation rules to model performance criteria to prescriptively determine the best placement of stock. Taking current stock, inbound stock, and need into account, the solution uses built-in artificial intelligence to effectively allocate inventory to maximize selling potential.
Stock can be pre-allocated to increase warehouse efficiency by enabling the cross-dock of stock on arrival. Additionally, configurable allocation rules allow for managing different phases of the product lifecycle including new products, ongoing inventory, and pushing out stock for end-of-life products.


With demand-driven Order Planning & Replenishment, the system creates a digital simulation to produce a forward-looking, time-phased ordering plan that considers the forecast of demand, the current inventory plan, and likely future factors that influence stock positions.
Whether sourcing externally from overseas vendors or dispersing inventory among branches, the solution uses artificial intelligence to suggest the most cost-effective ordering pattern to achieve your targeted service levels.


x/y CONNECT automates the production of your forecasts incorporating predictive analytics, non-linear regression, pattern matching, and autonomous machine learning – accommodating everything from erratic products to seasonal variations and trends.
With smarter forecasts that represent true demand, you’ll avoid poor forecasting outcomes like overstocks, product obsolescence, and lost sales.