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The future of retail is omnichannel

Lifestyle brands of all sizes use XY’s cloud native platform to manage their stores, e-commerce, customers, products, inventory, orders and more. Let us show you XY in action.

Leave your legacy behind and let us show you how XY can help you digitize your enterprise and modernize your brand.

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A global POS and unified commerce solution.

XY Retail is a global POS and unified commerce solution that’s used by fashion brands in 35 countries. Key features include: Order Orchestration, Inventory Management, Made To Measure, Private Sales Channel, Ship from Store, POS and Mobile POS with omni channel capabilities, CRM, Clienteling and Operational Intelligence. Future of Retail is Now!


We are building the retail platform for retailers of the future

Connects millions of

Get the deepest insights from virtually all your data to seamlessly and cost-effectively create real-time, personalized customer experiences.

Enables seamless digital & physical experiences

Consolidate your omnichannel data and gain a universal view of your customers’ behaviors, preferences, and journeys.

Facilitates better data-driven decisions

Drive accurate supply chain planning, demand forecasting, inventory management, and more, with virtually unlimited analytical scale and performance.

Shows customer spending habits

Whether you’re improving inventory management or solving for on-shelf availability, XY’s cloud data platform delivers the deepest insights for data-driven decision-making.

Routes orders intelligently

Streamline fulfillment with rules for geolocation, priority, capacity, channel, vendor, FIFO/LIFO, geography, seasonality, and more.

Optimizes pricing

Increase sales performance with dynamic, promotional, bundled, volume, and loyalty pricing rules, adapting to customer behavior, inventory, competition, and purchase history.

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The platform approach is magnitude of times richer, faster, scalable and flexible than trying to constantly integrate applications. Let our team of experts guide you.

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