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XY Edge Computing Revolutionizes In-Store Experiences

Transform retail experiences beyond the confines of traditional POS systems. Immerse yourself in a world where sales associates serve customers seamlessly without connectivity. With XY Edge Computing, the future of in-store experiences isn't just connected; it's limitless.

Unmatched Reliability with XY Edge Computing

Redefining Offline Transactions with Built-In Redundancies

In our quest for unmatched reliability, XY Edge Computing boasts redundancies elevating the offline retail experience. Seamlessly switching between WiFi and mobile data, it ensures transactions are at your fingertips. Even in complete disconnection, XY Edge Computing effortlessly connects to the local network, preserving operations' continuity.??

As innovation pioneers, we're exploring Starlink integration for enhanced offline capabilities. Join us in leading the future of retail with Starlink + XY ??? pioneering partners welcome.

Resilience Redefined

Automatically transitioning to offline mode during network outages, XY Edge?? ensures continuous service and syncs transactions effortlessly when connectivity is restored. Bid farewell to lost sales due to downtime and embrace uninterrupted operations.

Available 24/7

With XY Offline, cater to the needs of demanding customers round the clock. Enjoy the benefits of 24/7 sales access and detailed offline performance reporting, empowering your business with constant insights.

Seamless Functionality

Maintain crucial product information, loyalty programs, and service delivery during network outages, guaranteeing a consistent experience for your customers, irrespective of connectivity hurdles.

    The XY Offline Advantage

  • Process transactions seamlessly without network connectivity and automatically sync when connection is restored.
  • Fortify your Point of Sale infrastructure, supporting remote locations, and enhancing overall sales performance.
  • Ensure the continuity of customer loyalty programs, delivering personalized service regardless of offline instances.

    Key Features

    Seamless offline POS functionality integrated with payment providers, never storing credit card information for utmost security.

  • Easily Switch to Offline mode with a single click
  • Seamlessly Process Shopping Carts Offline
  • Quickly process transactions by cash, cheque or store credit
  • Cloud-based data syncing ensuring reliability and accessibility.

Always ON, Always OFF

XY Platform

Create Exceptional Omnichannel Experiences

The platform allows you to manage point of sale activities, customers, product catalogs, inventory, sales, integrated e-commerce, mobile applications, digital marketing, data management and more through one flexible retail system.

Deliver Personalized, Unified Customer Experiences

Deliver the mobile-enabled omni-channel shopping experiences customers expect, with 360-degree inventory visibility, customer intelligence, and seamless transactions.

Achieve a Unified Retail Ecosystem

Bring together data from all your sources and enable merchandisers, stylists, and executives to access on-demand insights and make data-driven decisions.

Unlock the Potential of Seamless Omnichannel Integration

Our API-connected retail infrastructure can drive your entire end-to-end process, from first customer contact to delivering products to your customer's door and beyond.

Join the Revolution.

Elevate Your Retail Experience with XY Offline.