XY Retail

The next generation cloud based, enterprise-grade platform for omnichannel brands and retailers

Everything your brand needs to succeed, all in one place

Our customers use XY Retail to manage their business globally in real-time to create ground-breaking omnichannel experiences. 
Unlike most retail platform solutions in the market, XY is an enterprise-grade open platform built from the ground up for scale, and boundless customization to give brands the freedom, flexibililty and agility to seamlessly expand and be where their customers need them to be -
across any channel and on any device. 

Create Exceptional
Omnichannel Experiences

The platform allows you to manage point of sale activities, customers, product catalogs, inventory, sales, integrated e-commerce, mobile applications, digital marketing, data management and more through ONE flexible retail system.


Omnichannel inventory, customers and sales

  • Unlimited sales channels
  • Wholesale channel integrated with top 20 retailers 
  • Multi region, multi-country, languages, tax rates and currencies all in one platform. 
  • A single, cross-channel view of every customer. 
  • Automate campaigns, data aggregation and order approvals
  • Add products and update catalogs without writing a single line of code
  • Customize pages, apps, and storefronts, checkouts and backoffice systems with zero code 

Control and customization

Omni Apps

Your business applications take center stage

The XY platform provides unrivaled performance to deliver everything through digital channels without investing millions of dollars in hardware, infrastructure and datacenters.
Every day. On-demand.

Easily build Apps for everything.
Every app has been designed specifically for omnichannel and scale. And with so many great apps, there’s sure to be an app for whatever you need to get done.

Sell In Person

Point Of Sale

A mobile point of sale that lets you easily connect customers to inventory in your warehouses, stores, or with the brands you stock. 
We bring you the best of digital shopping and empower your store associates to check global inventory, reserve products, place orders for delivery or in-store pickup, dropship simply with a quick tap on an iPad.

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Sell Online


A powerful enterprise ecommerce platform with superior reliability and advanced tools for running your whole business.
Reduce site management time by using automation and built-in tools to create catalogs, launch new promotions, create landing pages, or publish new products and content –  without burdening IT resources.  

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A mobile CRM built exclusively for and with retail store associates.

This app increases productivity, improves communication, and establishes new points of engagement by delivering intimate, personalized customer experiences via one-to-one relationships.

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Page + Content Management

XY Editor

Enable your marketers to easily create and distribute structured and unstructured multichannel content. Speed up development of custom pages using building blocks: assemblies of multiple, pre-configured widgets that you can drag and drop into pages to implement common UI blocks, such as headers, products, attributes  and wizards, uniformly across channels.

Mobile Analytics

Executive Reporting

Real-time Business Intelligence literally at your fingertips! 

AkeBI transforms your most complex data into actionable insights. Find answers fast—and make decisions even faster—with live data that connects you directly to the pulse of your entire business.

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Real-Time DIY Dashboard

XY Omni Data and Tools

Manage, analyze, and share data across your entire brand.

Enable decision makers to identify and act on strategic opportunities in real-time. XY lets you create custom dashboards with ease and connect your people with data they need to drastically improve business results. 

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Custom Apps

XY Spaces

We understand that every business is unique. 

XY's retail platform makes it easy to build scalable enterprise grade mission critical applications rapidly so you can maximize agility and speed up time to market. Deployed within weeks, not years - which is unheard-of with other platforms.

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Our Capabilities

I. We build enterprise-grade, stress tested, scalable products and unite technology with business to drive innovation and deliver against your business objectives.

II. We introduce personalized 1:1 experiences across devices and touchpoints. 

III. We create intuitive, useful and accessible commerce solutions that power the transaction and empower your team.

IV. We bring together your marketing, operations, and fulfillment systems to deliver truly personalized customer experiences across all channels. 

V. We offer advanced data analytics to realize your measurable and actionable insights.

Personalized Customer Communications

Email Marketing

Not your average chimp! XY Gorilla® lets you design, customize and manage all your brand emails based on preferences, transaction history, behavior, preferences, cross-channel activity and conversations with each and every and all your customers.

1:1 marketing at its finest.

Gone are the days of long deployments and implementations, application monitoring, security patches and version worries. XY is built to make commerce simpler, more reliable, and to keep you ahead of every shift in consumer behavior. The sky is truly the limit, with no technical limitations. If you want to do something, all we have to do is plug and play.