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Your managed retail cloud

Take control of your data, manage and syndicate all reference, operational and analytical data easily within one space.

Reduce manual work by 100% using pre packaged automation templates or build your own templates with no code with XY Spaces.

Re-imagine Retail with XY Spaces

Data independence, Privacy and Extensibility

XY Spaces is built on 3 core concepts

1. All states should be isolated in a separate AWS account provided as a managed service.

2. All consumer privacy and security should be abstracted for each app to reduce liabilities

3. Platform should provide competitive advantage by making it easier and faster to deploy new experiences


Manage your capacity based on demand curves especially during peak holiday seasons. The compute cloud provides off the shelf 1,000+ routine micro actions as well as compose new actions using workflows

Structured Data

All structured data is hosted and managed for you on AWS DynamoDB as a separate XY account. We provide simple screens to control capacity and throughput for each collection in the extensible retail graph.


Scalable and flexible seamless storage in AWS S3 for all form of content types. Deploy quick applications, APIs and dashboards in minutes using state of the art tools to merge templates with graph data

XY Spaces

Scalable & Extensible

  • Configure your brand's usage at collection level.
  • Choose the AWS regions for your data and content
  • Add your own content endpoints
  • Add your own graph endpoints and easily connect spreadsheets to endpoints
  • XY Spaces

    AI Driven Merchandising and Planning

    Replace spreadsheets and eliminate manual data integration with a centralized retail data lake to drive data driven decisions on promotions, markdowns and assortment planning.

  • Retail Supply and Demand Graph Models
  • Pre packaged data model templates
  • Extend the data model with no code
  • Pre-built integration templates
  • Ready to go live for a brand with multiple stores in multiple countries across stores and e-commerce
  • Move fast. Launch even faster.

    Learn in 15 minutes how we can help your brand deliver end-to-end omnichannel customer experiences with simplicity and ease.
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